Help End Animal Testing

Help End Animal Testing

Help End Animal Testing

Each year, more than 115 million animals are bred, used, and disposed of as hazardous waste in research and product testing in the U.S. These millions of animals are poisoned, physically assaulted, operated on without anesthesia, and are painfully subjected to harmful toxic chemicals on their skin, in their eyes, and are forced to inhale them. Animal testing is extremely cruel physically and psychologically, and there are no laws that protect them or prevent the deep and ongoing cruelty done to them. Everyday—animals used for cosmetic, product, toxicity and chemical testing, as well as medical research, live in cold, barren stainless steel cages, isolated and alone, denied all comfort, refused social contact and stimulation, never see daylight, sunlight or breathe fresh air—are afraid of humans and live in constant fear of the next experiment—then are killed at the end of all the experimentation.

Animal testing is unreliable, because animals are subjected to extremely high doses of chemicals that humans would never be subjected to. Animals react very differently physiologically than humans do to chemicals, making the data often irrelevant. Animal testing is is extremely time consuming and can take years for results, and requires 1000s of animals to get the result. In contrast to new technologies that are more sensitive, can detect toxic effects thoroughly and quickly that are missed in animals, are less expensive, more accurate, and can test thousands of chemicals everyday—that in animals takes 30 years to accomplish.

It’s time for a complete shift away from animal testing, to safer, more reliable and humane non-animal testing methods. The following recommendations will support the businesses that don’t test on animals, remove support from companies that do test on animals, and help raise awareness about animal testing and how important it is to make the transition to non-animal testing – now.

Ways You Can Help End Animal Testing – and Help Laboratory Animals

  1. Buy Cruelty-Free Household Cleaning Products– Buy ONLY cruelty-free and natural cleaning products with the Leaping Bunny logo. See the companies that DO TEST on animals. Buy only household product companies that DO NOT TEST on animals. Know the difference. Most cruelty-free products are available in health and natural food stores, online and Whole Foods. Here is PETA’s searchable database. Also online, search for the words “not tested on animals” on a product’s label, and check company websites. If you’re unsure, contact the company directly to ask.
  2. Buy Cruelty-Free Beauty and Cosmetic Products  – Buy ONLY cosmetic products and brands that DO NOT TEST on animals. These beauty companies and brands DO TEST on animals, these DO NOT TEST on animals. Always check the label, if it doesn’t say, they likely test on animals. Look for the Leaping Bunny logo. Check the company website, and if still unsure, call the company directly.
  3. Look for the Leaping Bunny Logo – Download the internationally-recognized Leaping Bunny cruelty-free list of brands and products, to find 100% animal-friendly products.Help End Animal Testing
  4. Download the Cruelty-Free App for Smartphones – It’s free, easy to search, and has scanner functionality so you can search products by UPC barcode. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play.
  5. Make Your Own Household Products – Clean your kitchen and bathroom with baking soda and vinegar. Use grapefruit and salt to make a body scrub, and coconut and grapeseed oil as a powerful moisturizer. Google “DIY Household Cleaners” or “DIY Cosmetics”, and you’ll see lots of natural alternatives to animal-tested products. Better for your health, the animals, and the environment. Here are some ideas to get you started.
  6. Shop Cruelty-Free Stores – What stores are the most cruelty-free? Find out!
  7. Share these Infographics and Educational Materials – Please share PCRM’s Tail of Toxics infographic, Tail of Toxics video, and in your workplace or school offer PCRM’s animal experimentation resources.
  8. Boycott Companies That Are Cruel to Animals – Don’t support or buy from any company or brand that tests on animals, or harms, injures or kills animals. Boycott them instead, and ask friends and family to boycott them as well. Share your boycott on social media.
  9. Handout Brochures, Outreach and Education Materials – For students, teachers and community and animal activists who want to raise awareness about animal testing.
  10. Go Vegan! – How does being vegan help lab animals? Because eating animal products causes heart disease, cancers, diabetes, obesity and other chronic and preventable diseases that are the biggest areas of animal testing. Farm animals are experimented on to genetically modify them and make them grow larger, faster. By not eating animal products, you will reduce the need for testing these diseases.
  11. Be A Whistleblower – Call PETA if you hear about, witness or learn about anything that causes you concern at 757-962-8383, and e-mail Document your concerns with photographs or video footage, and identify the place, name of business, date, and include as many details as possible. PETA will respond. You can report anonymously. Whether you work in a lab, or for a business, or encounter cruelty, PETA will take all calls and take action. Here’s more about what you can do with a form for your reporting the incidence.
  12. Write to Your Legislators and Newspaper Editors – Explain that animal research does not lead to cures for human diseases, ask how taxpayers’ money can be justified when there are more accurate and successful testing methods today, and animal testing has become archaic, outdated and unnecessary.
  13. Urge Your Lawmakers to Support “The Humane Cosmetics Act” – Please make a brief, polite phonecall to your U.S. Representative to urge support for H.R. 2858, the Humane Cosmetics Act and sign the petition. Look up your legislator’s phone number here.
  14. Support the Cruelty-Free Message – Wear and promote the Cruelty-Free message by buying products that raise awareness and consciousness about going cruelty-free.
  15. Sign the Cruelty Free Pledge – Support the end to animal testing for cosmetics in your country. Sign the global campaign Pledge.
  16. Sign Up Now to Convince Congress to Reform Chemical Testing – Congress is revising the Toxic Substances Control Act that regulates industrial chemicals. Sign up for email updates, stay informed, and learn more here.
  17. Sign the AVON Petition – Tell AVON to Stop Testing on Animals.
  18. Sign the Petition to Tell These 5 Labs – To Stop Testing on Animals!
  19. Share This Infographic – Help end animal testing by sharing this infographic on social media.
  20. Like This Facebook Page – LIKE HSI’s Facebook page to keep up with current news about animal testing.
  21. See This Listing of Helpful Links – To find out more cruelty-free information.
  22. Donate to Nonprofits That Work to End Animal Testing – Donate to Leaping Bunny; donate to PETA; donate to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; donate to Philanthropy at Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing; donate to Cruelty Free International; donate to NEAVS.
  23. Donate Your Body to Science – The Anatomic Gift Foundation (AGR) is an independent, ethical, non-profit organization that supports advancements in scientific research and medical education. And the International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine (IIAM), is dedicated to providing valuable human bodies, organs, and tissues to medical researchers.
  24. Never Abandon Your Pet to an Animal Shelter & Rescue From an Animal Shelter – Vivisectors that contract with laboratories are called “Bunchers”, and they collect animals from shelters and sell them to labs for testing. Never abandon your pet to a public shelter; and when getting a new cat or dog, always rescue from the shelter or a rescue group. Don’t buy. Help cut off “Bunchers” who get animals from shelters to sell.
  25. Write to Your Favorite Companies – Send a letter, email or phonecall to your favorite companies asking them if they test on animals, this lets them know consumers care and are shopping based on their compassionate values. Tell them you oppose any animal testing. Here’s a sample letter/email.
  26. Share Cruelty-Free Products/Brands With Your Favorite Businesses – Talk to your doctors, grocery stores, drugstores, beauty shops, and services about brands/products that are cruelty-free. Ask them to use only cruelty-free products in their businesses. Tell them why it matters to you.
  27. Shop for Exclusive Deals! – Shop for exclusive discount promotions from some cruelty-free companies.
  28. Share This Page! – Help more animals by reaching more people on social media!


List of Charities That Oppose Animal Testing

Visit our page to learn more about ending animal testing.


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Help End Animal Testing

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