Cry of the Innocent, The Voices That Can’t Speak

The cruelty of fur is unimaginable. Open your eyes to the voiceless. Their suffering. Hear and see the innocent who cannot speak for themselves. Listen to their cries. Don’t ignore them – do something about it. Don’t buy or wear fur.

Cry of the Innocent, the Voices That Can't SpeakCry of the Innocent, The Voices That Can’t Speak refrains from showing the shocking and graphic imagery of extreme cruelty to animals raised for fur. Nor is it bloody. However, it does expose the truth behind the fur industry and the spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional suffering and torment that these animals experience every day to satisfy the human ego, greed and the superfluousness and frivolity of fashion.

The fur industry imposes horrific cruelty, confinement, neglect and torture on animals raised or hunted for fur—all for a product that is completely unnecessary today. The film exposes our complete lack of consciousness and compassion toward these innocent creatures that are voiceless, helpless, vulnerable and unrepresented. Fur farms are places of unimaginable cruelty. When people buy and wear fur, they support the violence and exploitation of these helpless, innocent souls that are locked in the prison of a fur farm.

This film brings to our attention not only the horrific suffering of innocent animals for fur, but to our own lack of consciousness, concern and comprehension about what it means to buy or wear fur. What does perpetrating unbelievable cruelty on animals say about us? What does it say about us as individuals who buy or wear fur for fashion that is entirely unnecessary and so cruel? What does it say about us collectively to permit these atrocities for something that we don’t even need? Fur is deep violence to another being for no reason at all other than arrogance, apathy, greed and self obsession.

Statistics and Facts About Fur Animals & The Fur Industry

  • Every year 50-100 million fur-bearing animals are brutally murdered for the barbaric and cruel fur trade (not including rabbits).
  • Over 1 billion rabbits are brutally killed each year for their fur, used for fur trim, collars, cuffs, clothing, and even for trinkets.
  • China is the world’s largest fur supplier and 95 percent of China’s fur is shipped overseas, 50 percent is sold in the U.S. to American consumers.
  • China is the only producer of dog and cat fur (with the exception of Belgium) with over 20 million dogs and cats brutally handled and killed every year, exported mainly to Russia and European countries. Cats and dogs are packed into transport so crowded many die in transit from being crushed, those that don’t are horrifically killed.
  • Animals raised for their fur receive zero protections, there are no regulations, there is no humane slaughter — there are no laws or restrictions or oversight of these businesses.
  • The methods for killing the animals are unspeakably painful, they are tormented for minutes, and die excruciating deaths.
  • Animals raised for fur watch their mates die a brutal and barbaric death everyday – before they do.
  • Fur animals are very poorly cared for and are often ignored, not fed adequately or watered properly.
  • Fur animals never receive medical or veterinary care or treatment and are left to suffer and languish sick, diseased, and with infections and injuries.
  • Fur from China is deliberately mislabeled as fur from other species and is exported to countries throughout the world to be sold to unsuspecting customers in retail stores.

What You Can Do

Call to Action: Their Tortured Souls are Crying for Salvation

  1. Don’t buy or wear fur — Even faux fur can send the wrong message about wearing fur. Wearing faux fur still endorses wearing fur, even if it is faux
  2. Don’t patronize or shop at stores that sell fur, and let them know why
  3. Tell retailers that sell fur how you feel about the fur industry, and that you will not patronize the store or support them as a customer. Tell them that you know how fur is raised and killed, and that fur is extremely cruel causing animals deep suffering
  4. Watch out for buying and wearing FAUX FUR—Frequently what is labeled as faux fur or synthetic fur is actually the fur of domestic dogs and cats. Avoid faux fur altogether
  5. Share with friends and family on social media — Raise awareness about the brutality of the fur industry and ask them to join you in not buying or wearing fur. Expose the cruelty
  6. Speak up — Help raise awareness and consciousness by sharing this video and ask friends and family to watch it too
  7. Sign petitions against the fur industry and help get signatures against fur farming and China’s fur farms
  8. Share the truth about the cruelty of fur and China’s fur farms on social media — spread the word!

Film Released: December 26, 2014

Film Length: 8.26 Minutes

More About the Film

All film footage was shot in Norway, Canada, China, US and New Mexico

Visit the Cry of the Innocent Website

See the original Cry of the Innocent film, released April 28, 2012

See a film by Kathleen Lowson about the Dog and Cat Fur Trade in China, released December 2, 2013

See more Ways You Can Help

Ask Yourself the Question

Wearing fur doesn’t say “you’ve made it,” it does not say you’re successful, it is not a status symbol, but if you choose to wear fur it speaks volumes about you as a person. Buying and wearing fur is a symbol of violent, horrific, painful, unconscionable, unnecessary cruelty and brutal, barbaric death committed to an innocent animal and to millions of innocent animals — for money and ugly, painful, egocentric fashion. Ask yourself – Do you want to buy and wear animals skinned alive for fur? Do you want to buy cats and dogs raised for and skinned for fur? Is that what you stand for and represent and want to project? Is your ego for fashion worth doing that to every individual animal killed? What’s more important? Ask yourself.

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Film Credits

Writer, Producer, Filmmaker: Kathleen Lowson

Cover Photo Credit – Kathleen Lowson, Cry of the Innocent

Film Copyright: Lowson International Studios

On Page Photo Credit –,

Cry of the Innocent, The Voices That Can’t Speak

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3 Responses

  1. Jennie Richards:
    Thank you for writing this article about my film and for your moving commentary.

    As a note, this short film (above) was released December 26, 2014. Two other short films under this moniker were released prior to this: One specifically on the dog and cat fur trade in China released December 2, 2013: and the first released April 28, 2012:

    We are currently working on the full-length documentary and raising funds toward that goal.

    Thank you for your articulate piece and for your voice on behalf of nonhuman animals.

    Director, CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak

    • Jennie Richards says:

      Thanks Kathleen for writing and providing this good information. I changed the release date, and have included the two referenced film links. Best wishes with getting the necessary funds to complete the full-length documentary, and thank you for all your work and efforts to raise awareness and expose the truth of what this industry does to animals and the suffering they endure to supply the fur and fashion industries. Thank you for speaking out for those that can’t.

  2. Thanks so much for updating the links, Jennie, and for your good wishes for the film. We are their voice.

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