Vegan Recipes, Restaurants, Products, Health and Lifestyle

Vegan Recipes, Restaurants, Products, Health and Lifestyle

Going vegan is one of the best commitments you can make for yourself, for your life, for the animals and for the planet. Whatever your reasons for going vegan, here are some helpful guides and resources from many of the leading experts to make your journey easier and more fun!


Animal Place SanctuaryGoing Vegan: A Veggie Starter Kit for Teens 

Boston Vegan AssociationRespecting Animals, Means Going Vegan

Choose Veg7-Day Meal Plan

Friends of the AnimalsVegan Starter Guide, How to go vegan

I Love VeganTransitioning to a vegan lifestyle

Kaiser PermanenteThe plant based diet book: A healthier way to eat

Mercy For Animals – Download their Vegetarian Starter Kit

One Green PlanetStep by step guide: How to transition to becoming a vegan; A whole foods vegan diet: The ultimate guide

PCRM21-Day Vegan Kickstart

PETAHow to go vegan, step by step; Order your free vegan starter kit today

The Green Plate – Mercy For Animals guide to transitioning to vegan, vegan recipes

Vegan AustraliaSteps to becoming vegan

Vegan KitHow to become a vegan

Vegan OutreachGuide to cruelty-free eating

VeganuaryVegan meal planning and starter kit 


Vegan Recipes, Restaurants, Products, Health and Lifestyle

Center For Nutrition Studies (T. Colin Campbell, M.D.) – Whole food, vegan, oil-free, plant-based recipes

Choose Veg – How to go vegan, ways to transition, free Starter Guide, and what to eat

Crazy Sexy Kitchen – Kris Carr is a stage IV liver and lung cancer survivor, now a vegan she shares her plant-based recipes for health and well being

Dr. Joel Furhman, M.D. – 1500 recipes to reverse heart-disease, diabetes, chronic diseases and lose weight on a plant-based vegan diet

Forks Over Knives – Hundreds of vegan recipes

Happy Cow – Healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes

Happy Herbavore – 100s of recipes, meal plans, a blog and books

Healthy Happy Life – Vegan recipes by cookbook author Kathy Patalsky

Isa Chandra Moskowitz – Bestselling author of hit vegan cookbooks, Post Punk Kitchen producer, and restaurant owner

JL Goes Vegan – JL Fields, author of Vegan Pressure Cooking, Vegan Air Fryer and Vegan For Her, offers loads of recipes, coaching, meal planning and more

Keepin’ It Kind – Creative vegan recipes, plus travel and dining out as a vegan

Minimalist Baker – Devoted to simple cooking, recipes you can prepare in 30 minutes or less

Oh She Glows – An award-winning recipe blog featuring over 500 healthy recipes

One Green Planet – All recipes are meatless and vegan, and include recipes for specialty diets
The 30 Most Viral Vegan Recipes of 2016

Post Punk Kitchen – A vegan cooking and baking community

Robin Robertson – Global recipes from her vegan kitchen

Supreme Master Television – All vegan cooking shows, recipes contain no animal products

The Green Plate – Vegan meal-planning, how to switch, and loads of vegan recipes

The Purple Carrot – Plant-based prepared meals delivered to the home

Thug Kitchen – Dedicated to verbally abusing you into a healthier diet!

Vegan Richa – Loads of inventive vegan recipes, 12 veggie burgers alone!

Veganuary – Vegan recipes, expert advice, vegan starter kit, and how to go vegan

Veg Kitchen – Vegan recipes, dinners, vegan living and nutrition

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) – Vegan cooking and recipes

Vegetarian Times – How to live a full vegan or vegetarian lifestyle


Vegan Recipes, Restaurants, Products, Health and Lifestyle

Choose Veg – What to eat, where to eat — on the road

Happy Cow – Directory of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and stores, and searchable dining guide

Humane Eating Project – Find ethical restaurants, and download the app to eat more humanely

Veganuary – Your vegan restaurant guide

Vegetarian Resource Guide (VRG) – Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the U.S. and Canada

Veg Dining – Online guide to vegetarian dining around the world

Veg Guide – A worldwide, community-maintained guide to veg-friendly restaurants and shopping


Vegan Recipes, Restaurants, Products, Health and Lifestyle

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, M.D. – Center for Nutrition Studes – Whole foods, plant-based guide

Dr. Dean Ornish, M.D. – Lifestyle medicine with plant-based eating

Dr. Esselstyn M.D. – Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Program

Dr. McDougall M.D. – Health & Medical Center – For successfully changing your diet and lifestyle to regain excellent health

Dr. Michael Gregor, M.D. – Nutrition Facts – 1000s of short videos on nutrition science-based research

Happy Cow – Vegan 101
Vegan Nutrition Information Basics 101

I Love Vegan – Healthy vegan lifestyle blog

North American Vegetarian Society – All about Veg living, health, nutrition, recipes and more

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) – Vegan resources, 20-Day Vegan Kickstart Program

REAL – Responsible Eating and Living – Real truth and tools for healthy eating, wellness and green living

The Food Revolution Network – John & Ocean Robbins – Committed to healthy, sustainable, humane, and conscious food for all

Vegetarian Nutrition – Registered dietitians offer expertise on a vegetarian diet, recipes and raising vegetarian kids

Veg Family – An library of information on every aspect of vegan family life, nutrition, kids, pregnancy, etc.


Colleen Patrick-Goudreau – Podcasts, videos, articles, and resources galore to guide, inspire and empower you

Earth By Anna – Beauty, fashion, food, home, travel, wellness and all vegan

Girlie Girl Army – The glamazon guide to conscious living

Main Street Vegan – All about living a vegan lifestyle, books, blog, podcasts, coaching

No Meat Athlete – Giving you the tools, training tips, recipes, advice on how to transition, and the occasional dose of inspiration for all kinds of athletes

Only Buy Vegan – Find vegan alternatives for everyday household needs

Pangea The Vegan Store – All vegan products across many categories

Perfectly Posh – Checkout their vegan collection of collated beauty products

Thrive Market – Direct buying saves you money and sponsors low-income families

Urban Taste Bud – Well researched vegan product suggestions

Vegan – Vegan lifestyle guides

Vegan Cuts – Shop vegan food, body care, fashion and more

Vegan Essentials – Shop by department

Veggie Shop24 – Europe’s No. 1 online retailer for 100% plant-based food and more

Viva Glam Magazine – One of the First Vegan Fashion Magazines
All about cruelty-free fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle and travel. Viva Glam promotes only cruelty-free, vegan brands.

Your Daily Vegan – Excellent vegan blog with books, films, resources and more


The Academy of Culinary NutritionThe Top 50 Vegan Blogs

The Minimalist Vegan50 High Quality Vegan Blogs Worth Following
Vegan Recipes, Restaurants, Products, Health and Lifestyle



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